Awake Security: The AI-Driven Security Transformation
October 15, 2020

Awake Security offers the only network detection and response (NDR) platform that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to autonomously hunt and respond to insider and external threats across the perimeter, core, shadow IT and cloud. The Awake Security Platform does this by deeply analyzing billions of network communications to autonomously discover, profile and classify every device, user and application across any network. Using a multi-dimensional machine learning approach, Awake then models complex adversarial behaviors and connects the dots across entities, time, protocols and attack stage.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Awake Security platform by Awake CEO Rahul Kashyap. Integration plans with Arista switch infrastructure will be discussed by Arista Chief Operating Officer, Anshul Sadana. The webinar will also provide a demonstration of the Awake Security Platform including integrations with Awake EDR and SIEM partners such as Splunk.