Zero Trust Microperimeters: Wire speed, vendor agnostic and without agents!

May 9, 2024

This webinar explores the crucial role of microperimeter enforcement in establishing a robust zero trust strategy. While it is foundational, many organizations grapple with effectively segmenting their critical assets. Traditionally, network segmentation relied on incompatible custom packet formats, hindering seamless implementation across vendors. Moreover, deploying firewalls widely can be costly and operationally cumbersome, particularly in safeguarding against east-west lateral movement. Enter agent-based micro-segmentation, offering promise but often limited to specific operating systems and applications while consuming precious computing resources from the very workloads you seek to protect.

Join us to learn how to transcend these limitations with network- and endpoint-agnostic micro-segmentation. We will discuss how this approach streamlines operations by defining policies based on device, application, and user identity rather than just restrictive network primitives like IPs and VLANs. Those policies are then seamlessly translated into enforcement rules for existing infrastructure components like switches, firewalls, and proxies. Crucially, we'll delve into how this solution seamlessly integrates into a broader zero trust networking strategy, encompassing data protection in transit, real-time threat detection, and network access control. These critical network controls can fortify your organization's security posture by filling gaps in other zero trust focus areas.