Accessing the CloudTracer Screen

To view data metrics, open to the CloudTracer screen by clicking CloudTracer on the CloudVision Portal (CVP).

Figure 1. CloudTracer Screen

This screen is divided into the following two panels:

Left Panel of the CloudTracer Screen

This panel provides the following metric options:

  • Metric pane - Click any of the following entities to view the corresponding current metric for n connections where n is the count of selected devices and hosts:
    • HTTP Response Time
    • Jitter
    • Latency
    • Packet Loss
  • Connections pane
    • Device or host search string - Type the device or host name for a quick search
    • Configured devices - Select the required devices and hosts to view corresponding metrics
  • Clear All - Click to clear all selections

Right Panel of the CloudTracer Screen

This panel displays metrics of selected options in the following ways:

  • Current information of the selected metric type from selected devices and hosts
    Note: Metrics are streamed whenever data is gathered on EOS switches. The default interval to query metrics data is five seconds.
  • Click on a metric to view detailed information.
Figure 2. Detailed Metrics

The upper panel of this screen provides graphical presentation of the metric. The lower panel of this screen displays the metric through following categories:

  • Metric History tab - Displays the metric history ranging from the last hour to the last week.
    Click the required timeline to view corresponding metrics.
    Note: Click Zoom In and Zoom Out options to view metrics ranging from every 15 minutes to every minute.
  • Raw Data tab - Displays indexes, timestamps, and values of raw data.
    Figure 3. Raw Data Tab
  • Data Paths tab - Displays keys and data paths used to compute the data for this metric.
    Figure 4. Data Paths Tab
    Note: Clicking required link navigates to the corresponding path in the telemetry browser.
  • Statistics tab - Displays statistics of the selected device.
    Figure 5. Statistics Tab
  • Hover the cursor on metric to view metrics from all metric types.
    Figure 6. Metrics from All Metric Types
    Figure 7. Metrics History of Selected Device