Background Tasks

CloudVision provides command-line tools that can be executed from the linux shell or scheduled as cronjobs either on a CVP node or on an external server, for the following tasks:

  • Compliance checks
  • Snapshots
  • Backups

The tools are available by default on the CVP nodes in the /cvpi/tools/ directory. The tools can be used on an external linux server by downloading the cvp-tools-<version> .tgz from to the external linux server.

Detailed help on the tool is available by using the –h option with the tool:
cvpi/tools/ –h 
cvpi/tools/ –h 

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Scheduling and Viewing Cronjobs

To schedule cronjobs to perform periodic compliance checks or snapshots, insert commands into the crontab using the following command:

crontab -e
Note: When inserting commands to schedule cronjobs, you only need to do this on one node of the cluster.


To schedule a periodic compliance check and snapshot to be performed hourly on the tenant container, and a backup to be performed daily at 2:00 am, insert the following lines into the crontab file on the primary node if not already present. In this example, the user is named “me” and the password is “pwd”.
0 * * * * /cvpi/tools/ --user me --password pwd --containers tenant
0 2 * * * /cvpi/tools/ --limit 5
To see the active cronjobs, use the following command:
crontab –l
To view the console outputs of the cronjobs tail, view (open) the following log file:
tail –f /var/log/cron

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