CloudVision Portal (CVP) Setup

CloudVision Portal (CVP) can be run on ESX or KVM hypervisors. Before you can begin using the CVP, you must complete the CVP setup process which, involves the following:

  1. Deploying CVP
  2. Configuring CVP

    There are two different deployment procedures. One for deploying CVP on ESX, and one for deploying CVP on KVM. After you complete the deployment procedures, you then configure CVP. The deployment procedures are:

    There are two configuration methods for the CloudVision Portal (CVP): shell-based and ISO-based. Both of these methods eliminate the need to directly modify system and CVP configuration files. This simplifies the setup process and reduces the potential for issues.

    The configuration methods enable you to configure CVP in both single-node systems and multi-node systems. The configuration methods are:
    Note: Reconfiguration is limited to certain parameters on a deployed CVP multi-node cluster.