CloudVision Studios


CloudVision Studios is a powerful tool for managing the configuration of network features. The intuitive interface is fully customizable, meaning that you can create and edit your own network features for configuration. This gives you complete control over the configuration of your network.


To use Studios, the following requirements must be installed:
  • CloudVision minimum version: 2021.2.0


The following features are available:
  • Out-of-the-box support for common workflow configurations
  • Unified Day-1 and Day-2 workflows
  • Customizable Studios for bespoke workflow configuration
  • In-depth and accessible change control
  • Simultaneous configuration and management of separate network features
  • First-class gRPC + REST APIs that easily integrate third-party resources

Known Limitations

The following is a list of known limitations in the beta-version of CloudVision Studios:
  • Configuration-reconciliation: this is handled by the Network Provisioning UI
  • CloudVision Studios cannot be applied to devices in an undefined container
  • Studios rollback: once a Workspace and its configuration have been submitted, a user will need to undo those changes by creating and submitting a new Workspace
  • Studio input actions: scripts that automatically complete Studio inputs on a user's behalf (e.g. integrating with an IPAM) are not yet supported
  • Per-Studio or per-device RBAC: Phase 1 will include per-user roles and permission management that let users read and write Studio data, but do not limit user roles to specific Studios
  • Users should only have one Workspace open at a time. If users have two open Workspaces that contain conflicts with one another and submit one of those Workspaces, the other may not be able to build correctly. Consequently, that second Workspace may need to be abandoned or reconfigured
  • Workspaces should not be created on CloudVision clusters that manage more than 100 devices