Events App

The Events appprovides fast filtering results that are loaded 100 events at a time, improving loading times and responsiveness compared to the existing Events app.

Event Summary

At the top of the app is the event summary. The summary has two tabs for the Event Chart and the Summary Tables. There is also a time range duration picker that selects the start of the time range for the summary results. The filters in the app sidebar also affect the summary views, allowing the request of specific summary queries.

Figure 1. New Events App

Event Chart

The default summary view is the Events Chart. This chart displays the number of events that were created in a time range, broken down by severity. Hovering over a colored section of a bar shows how many events occurred with that given severity. A bar represents the events that were created within time range for that bar. . The amount of time represented by a bar is dependent on the selected time range.Larger time ranges will group more events into a single bar.

Figure 2. Event Chart Summary

Summary Tables

The Summary Tables tab displays the events of the Events Chart in a table format. Results can be filtered by severity value, device, or event-type.

Figure 3. Summary Tables

Summary Time Picker

In the top-right corner of the summary there is a time range picker. This affects the summaries only. The end-time of the summary window is determined by the Events Starting Before filter in the sidebar.The start-time is derived from the chosen time range. The range picker has a minimum duration of one hour and a maximum of one week.

Figure 4. Summary Time Picker

Events Table

Events matching the selected filters are displayed in the table below the summary.

Figure 5. Events Tables

The newest 100 events are initially loaded. Subsequent events are fetched via automatic pagination. The Ack(Acknowledgement) column only appears if the Show Acknowledged filter toggle is on. This allows other columns to expand when acknowledgment information is not required.

Events Table Functionality

  • When scrolling down through the table of events, older events are automatically fetched.

  • If there are no events matching the selected filters, the events table will display an empty data message.

  • To update the display with events that may have occurred while viewing the Events Table, select the Show New Events button.The screen will be updated with the new data.

  • To export the currently-loaded events, select the Export Table to CSV button.

Certificate Expiration Event

When the CloudVision SSL certificate is expiring an event will alert users 90 days in advance of certificate expiration. Clicking on the event will provide further information.To clear the event, the SSL certificate must be replaced.