Managing Configurations

CloudVision Portal (CVP) enables you to manage configurations by assigning configurations to containers and to devices. Configurations that you assign to containers are applied to all devices under the container's hierarchy. CVP also enables you to easily view the configuration currently assigned to containers and devices.

Applying Configurations to Containers

Applying configurations to containers involves adding Configlets to containers or removing Configlets from containers.

Adding Configlets

  1. Locate the container.
  2. Right-click the container and choose Manage >Configlet. This will open the window display the inventory of configlets.
  3. Select the configlet and click Update. This will provision configlet add for the container and all the devices under it.

Removing Configlets

To remove the configlet inventory from a container.

  1. Locate the container.
  2. Right-click the container and choose Manage>Configlet .
  3. Remove the configlets.
  4. Click Update.
    Figure 1. Remove the configlet and select Update

Applying Configurations to a Device

Applying configurations to devices involves adding Configlets to devices.

Note:When you update a device configuration using configlets, CVP replaces the entire device configuration with the Designed Configuration for the device. For new devices with pre-existing configurations added into CVP, you must explicitly perform a one-time reconciliation to save the desired device-specific running configuration in CVP. If you do not, that configuration may be lost, or the configuration update task may fail (see Reconciling Device Configurations at the Device Level).

Adding Configlets

  1. Select the device and choose Manage > Configlets.

    This loads the configlet inventory screen.

  2. Select the configlets.

    You are required to validate the configuration.

  3. To validate the configurations, select Validate.

    The validation screen will be loaded.

  4. Select Save to propose a Config Assign action.

    When saving the session, this will spawn a Config Assign task.

Viewing the Configuration Applied to Devices

CloudVision Portal (CVP) enables you to use the Network Provisioning screen to view the configuration (Confliglets) currently assigned to devices. When you view the Configlets, you can also see which Configlets are inherited from Containers, and which are applied directly to the device.

Complete the following steps to view the Configlets applied to a device.
  1. Go to the Network Provisioning screen.
  2. Make sure you are using the topology view, not the list view.
  3. Click on the device in the topology.
  4. Click the Configlet icon.
    The Configlets applied to the device are listed in a drop-down list.
    • If a Configlet is inherited from a Container to which the device belongs, the Container icon appears in front of the Configlet name.
    • If a Configlet is directly applied to the device, no Container icon is shown next to the Configlet name.
Figure 2. Viewing the Configlets applied to a device

Rolling Back Configurations Assigned to a Device

CloudVision's Network Rollbacks feature enables you to restore a previous configuration to devices. You can apply the rollback to all the devices in a container, or to single devices. When you rollback a container or device, you select the date and time for the rollback and whether you want to rollback the configuration or EOS image (or both).

See Rolling Back Images and Configurations for details.