Viewing Containers and Devices

The Network Provisioning screen provides you with various options that enable you to easily control the topology view so that you can view containers and devices based on your needs.

The options you use are:

CloudVision Portal uses color coded icons to indicate compliance or access issues with devices.

Expanding and Collapsing Containers

Containers can be expanded and collapsed within the Network Provisioning topology view so that you can change the view as needed based on your needs.

You use the Show From Here and Show Full Topology options to expand or collapse containers shown in the Network Provisioning screen.

The Expand and Collapse option is only available for the Network Provisioning view. It is not available for the List view.

The default view mode for containers is expanded. When you choose Expand/Collapse option for a container, one of the following occurs, depending on the current view mode:

  • A container currently in expanded (normal) view is collapsed.
  • A container currently in collapsed mode is returned to expanded view mode (the default).

Complete these steps to expand or collapse a container view from the Network Provisioning screen.

Figure 1. Expanded and collapsed view of a container

  1. Select a container.
  2. Right-click it and select the Expand/Collapse option.

Show From Here

The Show From Here option displays the topology with the selected container as the root. The hierarchy above the selected container will be hidden from the view allowing the user to only focus on the chosen container and the tree below it.

  1. Select a container.
  2. Right click Show From Here to display the option. The hierarchy from the selected container will be displayed.

Show Full Topology

The Show Full Topology option allows the user to get back to the full topology view. This option will be enabled for a particular container once the user uses the show from here option on it.

  1. Select a container.
  2. Right-click Show Full Topology to view the option.