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Arista Announces Containerized OS That Can Run On Whitebox Switches March 9, 2017

Arista has announced cEOS, a containerized version of its EOS network operating system. The cEOS version contains all of Arista’s switching and routing capabilities, but it’s been disaggregated from its underlying Linux kernel to run in a container.

Arista puts itself in a container March 7, 2017

Arista’s EOS now runs in a container to support a broader range of ways to purchase and deploy the network operating system.

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Arista cEOS™ Delivers Containerization

Arista cEOS™ introduces the containerized packaging of EOS software and its agents for deployment in cloud infrastructure with the same proven EOS software image that runs on all Arista products. These flexible deployment options empower cloud network operators that are customizing their operating environments to provide a uniform workflow for development, testing and deployment of differentiated services. It enables the provisioning of a robust and proven network operating system across produ