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Arista integrates network detection and response into the network February 24, 2022

With an upgrade to EOS, Arista’s operating system, the 720XP series of switches will have NDR baked into it. The NDR capabilities, which Arista gained through its recent Awake Security acquisition, will give organizations greater visibility, automated threat hunting and risk mitigation without having to deploy additional network security products. In the past, organizations would have needed to deploy a packet broker or agents on endpoints.

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Introducing EOS Network Data Lake

The Arista EOS network stack architecture provides a foundation for consolidation of streamed device state, telemetry, packet, flow, alert, sensor and third-party data into an aggregated Network Data Lake (Arista EOS NetDL™). Arista EOS NetDL consolidates diverse datasets required for effectively applying AI/ML methods in NetOps and SecOps environments, and it presents a single API surface for access to network and network-related data for enhancing Arista and third-party applications.