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Arista Networks Embraces Kubernetes November 5, 2019

As part of an effort to make it easier to deploy its networking software anywhere, Arista Networks today announced Arista CloudEOS, which includes a cloud-native instance of its network operating system that can be deployed as a container on a Kubernetes cluster.

Arista Tackles Cloud Networking November 5, 2019

Young Arthur wasn't the first guy to try to pull the sword Excalibur from the stone. Similarly, Arista isn't the first company to try to solve the agility problem for networking in the cloud era.


Most people in the IT community tend to their fields, making their living in their patches, but there are some who change the landscape, and still fewer who do it again and again. Without question, Andy Bechtolsheim is one of the people who has caused his share of tectonic shifts in the industry over the past four decades.

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Arista Networks Introducing CloudEOS™

CloudEOS™ is Arista’s multi cloud and cloud native networking solution enabling a highly secure and reliable networking experience with consistent segmentation, telemetry, provisioning and troubleshooting for the entire enterprise. It can be deployed across the enterprise edge, WAN, campus, data center, on-premises Kubernetes clusters, and multiple public and private clouds.