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SANTA CLARA, Calif.,-- October 11, 2023 -- Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) today announced the next generation 7130 Series for ultra-low latency switching that accelerates 25G networking. With three new 25G optimized systems, enhanced performance optics, 25G ready FPGA applications and updates to the FDK (FPGA Development Kit), Arista is addressing the needs for 25G market data distribution and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) environments.

Existing exchanges and trading connectivity in High-Frequency Trading markets have run over 10G for over a decade. Arista has powered customers such as exchanges, trading firms, brokers, and other financial institutions with cutting-edge devices critical for applications at 10G since the introduction of the first 7100 series through the latest 7130 systems. As market data volumes increase at exponential rates, 10G infrastructure can no longer handle spikes and micro-bursts requiring higher bandwidth solutions.

“ASX has led numerous innovations in the equities and options markets over the years. As market data volumes increase, further innovation is required for exchange access. The ability to provide 25G Ethernet improves network capacity, reduces the impact of microbursts, and minimises queuing delays. The Arista 7130 series 25G portfolio supports familiar low latency applications, and the optimised 25G optics minimise end-to-end latency, said Nicholas Rakebrandt, Head of Networks at ASX. “These products help enable the next generation of exchange connectivity.”

Arista’s new 7130 Series 25G systems enable customers to upgrade networks to 25G Ethernet and maintain backward compatibility with existing solutions at 10G. Deploying Arista 7130 Series 25G solutions with Arista’s enhanced performance transceivers for 25G and 100G enables networks to become 2.5X faster by reducing queuing, serialization delays and eliminating the need for Forward Error Correction (FEC).

“FMADIO manufactures and supports enterprise-grade appliances with the ability of full line rate 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G packet capture to disk. Integration is at the core of FMADIO solutions with off-the-shelf and customizable support for timestamp formats, packet retrieval, APIs, and packet analysis,” said Aaron Foo, Founder and CEO of FMADIO. “Arista’s platform seamlessly integrates all these needs as exchanges and trading firms migrate to 25G ultra-low latency solutions.”

The three new 7130 Series systems increase bandwidth and reduce link latency by 2.5x to address ever-increasing market data volumes and micro-bursts.

  • 7132LB: Ultra-low latency of 150ns for L3 forwarding at 25GbE using SwitchApp.
  • 7135LB: Integrated Layer 1 fabric with 10G and 25G switching with Arista MetaWatch precise timestamping and packet buffering.
  • 7130B-32YD: High-density Layer 1 switch supporting 25GbE over all 256 links.

An upgraded set of Arista developed FPGA applications to enable 25G solutions include SwitchApp (L2/3 switching), MetaWatch (Precise timestamping), MultiAccess (Fast aggregation and Filtering), and MetaMux (Aggregation). Customized FPGA application development is supported through a rich set of API updates to the Arista FPGA Developer’s Kit (FDK), including a 25GbE MAC.

High-speed 25G Ethernet networks are the future of high-frequency trading and market data. A full suite of ultra-low latency infrastructure with Layer 1/Layer 2/Layer 3 switching, Multiplexing, and picosecond granular timestamping optimized for 25G combined with high-performance optics unlocks market data participants and venues to transition to the next generation of low latency trading networks.


The new additions to the 7130 Series are fully integrated with Arista EOS and CloudVision for consistency in day-to-day operations. They are packaged with a comprehensive FDK to support custom application development. The 7132LB series (FPGA-only L2/3 switch) is orderable today. The Arista 7135 Series (FPGA switch with Layer 1) is planned for Q4 '23 orderability, and the Arista 7130B Series with 25G Ethernet speed will be orderable in Q1 ‘24.

Register here for a webinar to learn more about Arista’s 7130 25G solution on November 16, 2023. Read more about today’s announcement in a blog by Martin Hull, Vice President of Cloud and Platform Product Management.

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