New Arista 7050 Series Optimized for 10GbE Data Centers, Big Data, IP Storage, and Dense Virtualization

SANTA CLARA Calif., March 28, 2011Arista Networks, Inc., Arista Networks today introduced the Arista 7050 Series, a 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switching system that delivers 1.28 Terabits of switching performance at under 2 watts per 10GbE interface – making this the most efficient Ethernet switching system ever. The Arista 7050 Series also offers double the scale and faster performance than competing platforms while complementing the existing Arista 7100 Series of ultra-low latency switches with new switches purpose-built for broad data center deployments.

With virtualization and the live migration of virtual machines increasing, the Arista 7050 Series supports increased uplink capacity while still meeting the demands for density within the rack. Dynamically allocated deep packet buffers and support for Data Center Bridging make the Arista 7050 Series an ideal choice for interconnecting storage devices and big data applications such as Hadoop. As these applications scale the Arista 7050 can connect up to 18,000 10GbE attached servers through a single Arista Leaf/Spine network architecture.

"The new 7050 Series delivers the lowest power draw per port of any 10GbE switch, uses the latest in silicon technologies, delivering the highest-density with twice the routing scale of competing products, in our one rack unit networking platform," stated Jeff Hirschman vice president of hardware engineering and manufacturing at Arista. "With the 7050, our customers can continue to meet and exceed the demands of 10GbE data centers, dense virtualization, and big data warehousing deployments."

Today's announcement creates more choices for customers and continues to raise the bar on scale, power efficiency, density, simplified management, and automation. Arista's new 7050 Series delivers the highest 10GbE port density in one rack-unit and continues to set new standards for low-latency and multicast efficiency all while reducing capital expenditures by up to 50 percent.

The Arista 7050-64 is the first Arista switch to utilize the latest Broadcom Trident+ switching silicon. In a compact 1RU form factor with reversible cooling options, the Arista 7050-64 supports 48 wirespeed 10GbE SFP+ interfaces while providing increased uplink density with 4x40Gb QSFP connectors that can work as either 40GbE or 4x10GbE providing a total of 64 10GbE ports in one switch. Consistent with the entire Arista portfolio the Arista 7050 Series runs the same Extensible Operating System (EOS) image as all Arista products.

With virtualization and the live migration of virtual machines increasing in enterprise networks, the Arista 7050 supports increased uplink capacity while still meeting the demands for density within the rack. This improves virtualization performance, enables faster live migrations, and simplifies provisioning and capacity planning. The IP Host table and routing table support 16,000 entries concurrently to handle the increased demands virtualization places on the scaling of network tables. The Arista 7050 supports front-to-rear and rear-to-front cooling for better power/cooling economics.

“Virtualization has transformed every part of IT except the network. For companies to maximize the ROI of virtualization technology, the network now must transform to keep up,” commented Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president at Yankee Group. “Using the Broadcom Trident+ ASIC coupled with Arista EOS and VM Tracer, the Arista 7050 Series optimizes the network for virtualization and mainstream 10GbE deployments.”

Pricing and Availability

Orderable immediately the Arista 7050-64 switch starts at $29,995 USD.

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