Arista Networks Switch Quick Look Datasheet
Quick Look Datasheet

Arista 7130 Connect Series

The World’s Leading Layer 1 Network Platform

Ultra-Low Latency

  • 4 nanoseconds port-to-port

Feature Rich

  • Media Conversion
  • Signal Regeneration
  • Dynamic Patching
  • Telemetry


  • Packet statistics on every link
  • Signal quality monitoring


  • Virtually No Jitter

7130 Connect Series Layer 1+ Switches

Arista’s 7130 Connect Series Layer 1+ switches are powerful network devices designed for ultra-low latency of just 4 nanoseconds. Available in 16, 48 or 96 port device options, they combine a multitude of network functionality on a single device:

  • Signal regeneration
  • Media conversion
  • Port mirroring
  • Telemetry
  • Dynamic patching/link management
  • Layer 1+ statistics on every link
All network devices are deterministic with virtually undetectable jitter as they neither buffer or queue data, hence utilizing 100% of available bandwidth. The 7130 Connect Series platform is packet-aware providing comprehensive packet statistics, signal quality monitoring including eye diagrams, and diagnostics. Packet replication provides the ability to sniff packets without affecting the data path.

Ethernet Switch
7130 Connect Series Layer 1+ switch

Feature Description

Ultra-low Latency

Fan-out, tap, or patch with a latency of 4 ns, equivalent to a single meter of fibre or copper interconnect, and insignificant jitter.

Ethernet Media Conversion

Reduce costs by converting between different Ethernet media types. E.g. one end of a link can be 10G twinax and the other 10G-BASE-LR single-mode fber.


Save rack space and reduce complexity by leveraging dynamic patching, tapping, 1:N replication, telemetry, and comprehensive port statistics on a single device.

Flexible SFP/SFP+ Support

Make significant cost savings through the support of most SFP/SFP+ transceivers including DWDM and direct attached copper cables; boosted by high-performance signal recovery and regeneration.


Replace taps to monitor or share feeds such as market-data with full signal regeneration and no additional overhead.

Packet Statistics

Leverage advanced monitoring and capture high-level packet statistics across all ports. Receive detailed switch statistics via SNMP or CLI and obtain tcpdump and LLDP on every port.

64-bit x86 Management Processor and MOS

Leverage an open standards platform and MOS operating system to provide user extensible solutions.

Remote Configuration

Change mappings between ports at any time via a number of standard APIs with no physical reconfiguration required. Wire-once to reduce visits to the data center and save on remote hands.

Why use Arista 7130 L1+ switching devices?

  • Leverage the lowest latency network devices on the market
  • Troubleshoot and manage your network by receiving packet statistics and monitoring across all ports
  • Save cost through remote patching, fexible SFP/SFP+ support and media conversion
  • Simplify your network architecture by replacing a rack loaded with separate devices

MOS Operating System

MOS provides a core set of features that are common across the 7130 platform. It is based on Linux and provides a command line and web interface as well as support for other management protocols. MOS provides a standard, mature and powerful platform with the commands, tools and packages such as syslog, net-snmp, daemons, RPMs, Bash, Python, authentication, and security.
400Gbe Low Latency Network Switches
7130 Connect Series Layer 1+ device

MOS has a number of tools and features including:

  • Command-line interface (CLI), web user interface & JSON-RPC API via HTTP/HTTPS
  • Integrated telemetry via the InfuxData TICK Stack (Telegraf, InfuxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor)
  • Application monitoring e.g. the Layer 1 switch or telemetry
  • SNMP support including traps on environmental, authentication, link state, memory, disk, load
  • Tcpdump on any interface for diagnostics





Description 16 port Layer-1 Switch 48 port Layer-1 Switch 96 port Layer-1 Switch

SFP+ Interfaces (100M-11.3Gbps)

16 48 96

Port-to-Port Latency

4 ns 4 ns 6 ns


1 1 2


Front-Rear or Rear-Front Front-Rear or Rear-Front Front-Rear or Rear-Front

Power Supplies

Redundant AC or DC Redundant AC or DC Redundant AC or DC
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