Several tried & tested integrations exist via our technology partners.

We enable our partners to deliver value and differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace. Joint innovation has proven to generate powerful complementary solutions that run on the 7130 platform and offer clients additional capabilities: optimized analytics, data capture solutions, and more.


Enyx Partner App Enyx develops ultra-low latency, FPGA-based solutions for a wide range of financial technology applications, including market data distribution, order execution, and network connectivity management. Several Enyx products and applications are delivered using the Arista 7130 platform. Read the ENYX & Arista joint use case.

Application Compatible with Overview Key Features
nxLink - Share Enterprise Arista 7130E
& 7130L Series
Bandwidth management for RF links
  • Share bandwidth and police user traffic in a fair/deterministic way (Up to 30 user ports)
  • Aggregate multiple radio links into one or manage multiple destinations
  • Ultra Low Latency:
    • 10GbE radio interface (microwave)
      • 530 ns User-to-User latency for 1 Byte payload
    • 1GbE radio interface (millimeter wave)
      • 641 ns User-to-User latency for 1 Byte payload
  • Optimize bandwidth with up to 1.2Gb/s on compatible 1GbE Layer 1 radios
  • Monitor network status with live link latency monitoring and historical data access
nxLink - Share Lite Arista 7130L Series Bandwidth management for RF links
  • Same features/performance as nxLink Share Enterprise
  • Offers entry level option for smaller networks; limited to 12 physical user ports, no virtual user support and one single radio port
nxLink - Share Node Arista 7130L Series Low Latency Network Router
  • Component of the nxLink Share infrastructure
  • 1GbE and 10GbE radio interface compliant
nxLink - Secure Arista 7130L Series Packet arbitration for link redundancy
  • Zero packet loss:
    • Secures an unreliable RF link using a stable backup fiber network
    • Duplicates ingress packets and performs deduplication on the receiving device
    • Maintains TCP connections over RF links and prevents client disconnects
  • Latency:
    • 200 ns user-to-user latency for 64 byte payload
  • Integration with nxLink Share:
    Monitor packet time spent in input buffers