High Performance Multi-function Programmable Platforms

The Arista 7170 Series are a unique family of purpose built multifunctional programmable 100GbE systems, based on the Intel Tofino family of switch chips, designed for high performance environments and to meet the needs of the largest scale data centers. The highly flexible packet processor architecture of the 7170 series, combined with the rich control plane provided by Arista EOS, offers a P4 programmable data-plane that enables innovative applications to be deployed in the network at wire-speed, consuming minimal power and space.

EOS provides a selection of forwarding profiles that address use cases for Cloud Providers, Enterprises, Service Providers and Content Delivery Network operators. The forwarding profiles, written in P4, implement advanced functionality including hypervisor offload, network address translation, server load balancing and customized application specific data plane behavior to address networking requirements that would traditionally require dedicated appliances or proprietary processing modules for routers.

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Forwarding profiles written in P4, can be adopted on the fly by customers to address multiple real world networking requirements for scale, advanced telemetry, security and encapsulation and can be further customized to specific customer use-cases.

7170 Series is a programmable device and supports various software profiles, Click here to view the profile details

Bare-Metal Tunnel Termination Profile:

  • IPv4 and v6 with wide ECMP
  • Scaleable VRF segmentation
  • 192K+ VXLAN Tunnels
  • AlgoMatch ACLs

Large Scale NAT:

  • Up to 150K sessions Source/Destination/Twice NAT,
  • Static, Dynamic and Multicast NAT
  • Full Cone and Address Only

Stateless Load Balancer:

  • Cloud scale load balancing for up to 32k servers
  • 12.8T throughput with ≤1µs latency
  • Native L3 DSR model for maximum performance
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • Flexible stateless HA for N-way deployment

IPv4 - v6 MAP-T Border Router:

  • RFC 7599 Mapping of Address and Port using Translation
  • Algorithmic IP v4-v6 and v6-v4 translation for carrier networks
  • 12.8T translation capacity with latency ≤1µs
  • Exception offload facility
  • Flexible stateless HA for N-way deployment

Other Features:

  • P4 programmable for fast feature prototype and deployment

* Please refer to the 7170 Profile Matrix for specific functionality within each profile

7170 Series Technical Specifications and Features

The 7170 Series is available in a choice of configurations with up to 6.4Tbps throughput and 64 x QSFP100 ports. Designed to address leaf and spine roles or deployment as a centralized services node, each 7170 model is a fixed configuration system designed around a single high-performance system-on-chip packet processor. A selection of packet processor variants provide flexible choice in the number of programmable resources available to the system including the number of programmable match-action engines, amount of centralized shared buffer and size of TCAM and SRAM memory for lookup tables.

Arista 7170 Series Model Comparison

Switch Height 2RU 2RU 1RU 1RU
Ports 64 x 100G QSFP
2 x 10G SFP+ 
64 x 100G QSFP
2 x 10G SFP+
32 x 100G QSFP 
2 x 10G SFP+
32 x 100G QSFP 
2 x 10G SFP+
L2/L3 Throughput (FDX) 6.4 (12.8) Tbps 6.4 (12.8) Tbps 3.2 (6.4) Tbps 3.2 (6.4) Tbps
Max Forwarding Rate (pps) 3.2 Bpps 4.8 Bpps 2.4 Bpps 2.4 Bpps
Latency* From 1 us From 800 ns  From 800 ns  From 800 ns 
Packet Buffer 64MB Fully Shared 22MB Fully Shared 20MB Fully Shared 20MB Fully Shared
CPU Multi Core x86 Dual Core x86 Dual Core x86 Dual Core x86
Memory (Optional) 64GB 16GB (64GB) 16GB (32GB) 16GB
SSD (Optional) 120GB 30GB (+120GB) 30GB (+30GB) 30GB
Pipeline Stages 80 24 48 24
MACsec Yes No No No
Typical Power Draw 12.5W per port 5W per port 7W per port 7W per port
Airflow Front to Rear Front to Rear or Rear to Front

*Latency depends on pipeline profile in use

The 7170 Series consists of four models, allowing flexibility to select the correct density and system resources for different use cases.

  7170B-64C 7170-64C 7170-32C 7170-32CD
Maximum 100G Ports 64 64 32 32
Maximum 50G Ports 128  128 64 64
Maximum 40G Ports 64  64 32 32
Maximum 25G Ports 128  256 128 128
Maximum 10G Ports 130  258 130 130

System High Availability

  • Redundant and hot swap cooling
  • Reversible airflow options for hot and cold aisle
  • Smart System Upgrade with Hitless Software Upgrade
  • Live software patching
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair (SFR)
  • Redundant and hot swap AC or DC Power Options

Arista EOS®

  • Comprehensive L2 and L3 Feature set
  • Familar EOS CLI
  • Single binary image for all products
  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS
  • Full Access to Linux shell and tools
  • Extensible platform - Bash, python, C++, GO and P4

* Not all features are available in EOS initially