High Performance Multi-function Programmable Platforms

The Arista 7170 Series of programmable switches combine high performance with a fully programmable pipeline for a range of flexible solutions at both the spine and leaf tiers. The 7170 Series allow the data plane to be customized using EOS and P4 profiles to address multiple use-cases for Cloud, Enterprise, Service Provider and Content Networks.

The 7170 Series with Arista EOS support a rich set of both data plane and control plane features. Advanced features are enabled through profiles, that add features, new header formats, adjust resource scale, alter the order of operations or change the types of lookups performed on traffic passing through the switch. This level of flexibility means that not only is the 7170 Series a high performance data center switch, it can be used for a wide variety of new applications where traditionally appliances or expensive proprietary routers were required.

Based on the Barefoot Tofino switch chip, the Arista 7170 Series delivers fully programmable systems for a range of applications for network security, application telemetry, offloading hypervisors and flexible routing with custom encapsulations and new protocols.

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Forwarding profiles written in P4, can be adopted on the fly by customers to address multiple real world networking requirements for scale, advanced telemetry, security and encapsulation and can be further customized to specific customer use-cases.

7170 Series is a programmable device and supports various software profiles, Click here to view the profile details

Bare-Metal Tunnel Termination Profile:

  • IPv4 and v6 with wide ECMP
  • Scaleable VRF segmentation
  • 192K+ VXLAN Tunnels
  • AlgoMatch ACLs

Large Scale NAT:

  • Up to 150K sessions Source/Destination/Twice NAT,
  • Static, Dynamic and Multicast NAT
  • Full Cone and Address Only

Firewall / DDoS Mitigations:

  • Zone based segmentation for L2/L3
  • Port, VLAN, Prefix and VRF based
  • Up to 100K Sessions
  • Line rate performance to 12.8Tbps

Stateless Load Balancer:

  • Cloud scale load balancing for up to 32k servers
  • 12.8T throughput with ≤1µs latency
  • Native L3 DSR model for maximum performance
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • Flexible stateless HA for N-way deployment

IPv4 - v6 MAP-T Border Router:

  • RFC 7599 Mapping of Address and Port using Translation
  • Algorithmic IP v4-v6 and v6-v4 translation for carrier networks
  • 12.8T translation capacity with latency ≤1µs
  • Exception offload facility
  • Flexible stateless HA for N-way deployment

Other Features:

  • P4 programmable for fast feature prototype and deployment

* Not all features are available in EOS initially

7170 Series Technical Specifications and Features

The 7170 Series is available in a choice of configurations to address both leaf and spine roles.

A single system supports up to 64 ports of 100G or 12.8Tbps with up to 5Bpps of packet forwarding and a fully shared packet buffer, with other density and performance choices also available.

Arista 7170 Series Model Comparison

Switch Height 2RU 1RU 1RU
Ports 64 x 100G QSFP
2 x 10G SFP+
32 x 100G QSFP 
2 x 10G SFP+
32 x 100G QSFP 
2 x 10G SFP+
L2/L3 Throughput 12.8 Tbps 6.4 Tbps 6.4 Tbps
Max Forwarding Rate 4.8 Bpps 2.4 Bpps 2.4 Bpps
Packet Buffer 22MB Fully Shared 20MB Fully Shared 20MB Fully Shared
CPU Dual Core x86 Dual Core x86 Dual Core x86
Memory 16GB or 64GB 16GB or 32GB 16GB or 32GB
SSD Optional - 30GB Yes - 30GB No
Match-Action Units 12 24 12
Typical Power Draw 5W per port 7W per port 7W per port
Airflow F/R or R/F F/R or R/F F/R or R/F

The 7170 Series offers two models, a 64 x 100G and a 32 x 100G, allowing flexible configuration of many interface combinations. 

  7170-64C 7170-32C 7170-32CD
Maximum 100G Ports 64 32 32
Maximum 50G Ports 128 64 64
Maximum 40G Ports 64 32 32
Maximum 25G Ports 256 128 128
Maximum 10G Ports 258 130 130

System High Availability

  • Redundant and hot swap cooling
  • Reversible airflow options for hot and cold aisle
  • Smart System Upgrade with Hitless Software Upgrade
  • Live software patching
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair (SFR)
  • Resilient ECMP and LAG Hashing
  • Redundant and hot swap AC or DC Power Options

Arista EOS®

  • Comprehensive L2 and L3 Feature set
  • Familar EOS CLI
  • Single binary image for all products
  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS
  • Full Access to Linux shell and tools
  • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++ and P4

* Not all features are available in EOS initially