The Arista 7250X Series are purpose built 10/40G switches with wire speed layer 2/3/4 performance combined with low latency and advanced features for software driven cloud networking, big data, cloud, virtualized and traditional deployments.

The 7250X Series enables highly scalable two-tier network designs with MLAG, ECMP and VXLAN technologies.

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MLAG Spine - All Active Multipath for Layer 2

  • Standards based protocol (LACP)
  • Simplified or eliminates Spanning Tree topology
  • Simple to understand and easy to engineer traffic

ECMP - All Active Multipath for Layer 3

  • Standards based protocol (OSPF, BGP)
  • Eliminates L2 for exceptional scalability and fault tolerance
  • Exceptional scale with consistent performance in 2 tiers

VXLAN Layer 2 over Layer 3 - Best of Both Worlds

  • All active multipath using ECMP (up to 64-way)
  • Single L3 network for all applications
  • L2 extensions for stateful VM - VM over Layer 3
  • Extends L2 with exceptional scalibilty (16M Virtual NWs)
  • Cloudburst over public infrastructure

40G Spine and Spline™ solution for open, simple and scalable networking

The Arista 7250QX switches deliver wirespeed 40G performance, offering the highest density 2RU 10/40G switch in the world. The 7250QX-64 is the ideal switch for:

  • Ultra-high density 40G switching in a compact fixed form-factor
  • Collapsed Spline for middle or end of row designs replacing legacy switches
  • Purpose-built spine aggregation switching (5.12 Tbps switching capacity)
  • Scaling uplink bandwidth between data center leaf switches
Interface Type QSFP+
Total 40G Ports Up to 64 (QSFP+)
Total 10G Ports Up to 256 (with splitter cables and optics)
Typical Power Draw 622W (10W per 40GbE port)
Latency Below 2 microseconds (QSFP+)
RU 2
VM Tracer Yes
OpenFlow Yes
Buffer 48MB
Airflow Front to rear and rear to front

High Performance 10/40G Leaf-Spine

  • Dense 10/40G with 64 QSFP+ ports
  • Up to 3.84 Billion PPS of L2/L3 forwarding
  • Latency from 550ns to 2 microseconds

Optimized for DC Designs

  • Flexible 10/40G options
  • 288K MAC and 208K IPv4 Host Routes
  • 64 Way Multi-Pathing over L2 and L3
  • Resilient ECMP and LAG Hashing
  • Data Center optimized with reversible airflow
  • Power efficient for lower total cost of ownership

Advanced Traffic Control, Provisioning and Monitoring

  • LANZ for Microburst Detection
  • VXLAN and EOS Network Tracers
  • Open Extensibility and Programmability
  • OpenFlow, DirectFlow and eAPI

High Availability

  • Redundant and hot-swap power
  • N+1 redundant and hot-swappable fans
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair (SFR)
  • Data Center optimized with reversible airflow