EOS Applications simplify implementing network automation and programmability. Pre-built integration with technology partners and DevOps Systems address a wide range of operational needs such as provisioning and monitoring. These pre-built applications provide complete solutions with 24x7 support from Arista’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers. 

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Arista Consulting Services


ZTPServer enables zero touch, intellgent, dynamic end-to-end network provisioning.

  • Dynamically provision entire network
  • Template based configurations
  • Resourced based allocation
  • Guaranteed audit compliance
  • Software upgrade / downgrade
  • Configuration and change management
  • Configuration archival / management
  • Cabling and topology validation 
  • Synchronize images and applications
  • Simplify replacement (ZTR)

EOS Telemetry Suite

The EOS Telemetry Suite provides targeted data collection with configurable intervals, thresholds, and alerts.

EOS DirectFlow Assist (DFA) for Security Acceleration

EOS DFA is designed to offload or assist an attached in-line or out-of-band security platforms, such as a firewall.

  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack mitigation - Selectively block traffic based on DoS detection by the FortiGate.
  • Elephant Flow Offload – Insert flow entries to bypass the firewall for high bandwidth traffic from a trusted application, such as backup data, after the firewall has identified the traffic. 
  • Firewall Scaling – Provide flow-by-flow bypass and filtering based on firewall DPI.
  • Redirection of target traffic to a “honeypot” or decoy platform for profiling.