Arista Networks Telemetry Application for Splunk®

Arista Networks and Splunk have partnered to introduce Arista’s Network Telemetry Application for Splunk, providing network operators fine-grained visibility into application performance and network-wide monitoring capabilities.This flexible solution integrates with both industry standards and customer specific devops deployments. The Telemetry Application for Splunk is easy to deploy on Arista Network switches and leverages extensions to Arista's Extensible Operating System (EOS™), Arista’s ground-breaking network operating system.

The Arista Telemetry App for Splunk provides EOS fact forwarding to the Splunk log collection and analysis platform. The complete solution includes:

  • Telemetry extension - An Arista supported package that collects facts from the EOS system
  • Splunk Universal Forwarder RPM - provided by Splunk
  • Eos CLI For Splunk extension - Provides access to and persistent storage for the most common Splunk Universal Forwarder configuration items from the EOS CLI
  • Arista Networks Telemetry Application for Splunk® application built for the Splunk server dashboard

The EOS Telemetry application indexes switch inventory, topology, interface counters and statistics, syslog and LANZ data. These indexes are configurable via the EOS CLI or by manipulating the underlying Splunk Forwarder config files. This data is then exported to the Splunk server via the Universal Forwarder. Unstructured ad-hoc data can also be forwarded to the Splunk Server from the network. The prebuilt Telemetry Application for Splunk®dashboard, views, searches and add-ons can either be extended and customized, or you can use the data pushed into Splunk from Arista in your own queries and searches.

The Telemetry Application for Splunk can be deployed as a set of packages via automation systems or via standard CLI based operations. Once deployed and installed, the customer has a choice of CLI or native file configuration of the Splunk Universal Forwarder. This flexibility enables ease of test and deployment while providing direct access to the standard Splunk configuration files for customers that choose Splunk deployment server options.

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Alerts and Warnings
Optical Interface Levels
Main Dashboard
Switch Inventory
LANZ Data Visualization
Per Interface Status and Statistics
Transceiver Auditing