Status Indicators

The Status Indicators section reviews the following topics:

Front Indicators

System and port status LED indicators are located on the front of the switches.

Switch Indicators

Front panel LEDs are located on the right side of the chassis and display system, fan, and power supply status. Front Panel displays the front panels of all switches covered by this guide.

Figure 1 displays the front panel LEDs.

Figure 1. System Status Indicators
1 System status LED 3 PSU 1 status LED
2 Fan status LED 4 PSU 2 status LED



Table 1. Switch Indicators LED States
LED Name LED State Device Status
System Status Blinking Green System powering up.
Green All power supplies and fans are operating normally.
Blue The locator function is active.
Red A power supply or fan is missing or in a failed state.
Fan Status Green All fans are operating normally.
Red One or more fans are not inserted or have failed.
Power Supply Status Off Power supply is not inserted or is not powered.
Green Power supply operating normally.
Red Power supply has failed.

Port Indicators

Port LEDs, located in the vicinity of their corresponding ports, provide link and operational status.The following figure displays the Port LED location on a representative switch.

Figure 2. Port LEDs

1 Port 4 status LED 3 Port 2 status LED
2 Port 3 status LED 4 Port 1 status LED



Table 2 provides status conditions that correspond to port LED states. Port LED behavior for QSFP+ and SFP+ ports is consistent.

Table 2. Port LED States
LED State Status
Off Port link is down.
Green Port link is up.
Yellow Port is software disabled.
Flashing Yellow Port failed diagnostics.

Rear Status Indicators

The fan module contains an LED that reports the module status. Fan Status LEDs are on the fan modules and are visible through the cover.

The fan module orientation determines the direction of air flowing through the switch. The fan module, when inserted, covers one of the two airflow labels with the visible label indicating the current airflow direction.

The switch shuts down when the fan module is removed for more than one minute.

Figure 3. Fan Status LED

1 Airflow direction indicator label 3 Fan module handle and release 5 Fan status LED
2 Fan status LED 4 Airflow direction indicator label 6 Fan module handle and release

To change the airflow direction, change the fan module orientation:

  1. While squeezing the fan module handle, pull the fan module out of the switch.
  2. Rotate the fan module 180°.
  3. Insert the fan module back into the switch.

The following table provides status conditions that correspond to fan status LED states.

Table 3. Fan Status LED States
LED State Status
Off The fan module is inserted but not receiving power – it may not be properly seated.
Green The fan is operating normally.
Red The fan has failed.



Note: You can narrow down the error condition by logging in to the switch to view the specific device state. Refer to the Arista User Manual’s Switch Environment Control chapter, under the topic Viewing Environment Status, for further information on the show environment commands.