Regulatory Model Numbers

This appendix lists the Regulatory Model Numbers (RMNs), where applicable, for the product models for the switches described in this document.

Table 1. Regulatory Model Numbers and Product Numbers
Regulatory Model Number (RMN) Product Number(s)
AN1504 DCS-7280SR-48C6
AN1506 DCS-7280TR-48C6
AN1508 DCS-7280QR-C36
AN1604 DCS-7280QRA-C36S
AN1608 DCS-7280TRA-48C6
AN1615 DCS-7280SR2A-48YC6
AN1623 DCS-7280SRAM-48C6
AN1701 DCS-7280SR2K-48C6
AN1626 DCS-7280SRM-40CX2
AN1708 DCS-7280PR3-24, DCS-7280PR3K-24
AN1730 DCS-7280DR3-24, DCS-7280DR3K-24
AN1715 DCS-7280CR3-32P4, DCS-7280CR3K-32P4
AN1731 DCS-7280CR3-32D4, DCS-7280CR3K-32D4
AN1728 DCS-7280SR3-48YC8, DCS-7280SR3K-48YC8
AN1742 DCS-7280CR3-36S, DCS-7280CR3K-36S