Rack Mounting the Switch

DCS-7804, DCS-7808, DCS-7812, and DCS-7816 Rack Mounting

The accessory kit provides components for installing the switch in four-post racks. The accessory kit includes the following four-post mounting parts:

  • Cradle assembly
  • M6 pan-head Phillips screws
  • M6 rack cage nuts (optional)
  • Template for non-threaded racks requiring rack nuts


    Note: Two-post rack mount is not supported.


Illustrations in this chapter depict the mounting of an unpopulated 8-slot chassis.

After completing the instructions for your rack type, proceed to Cabling the Power Supplies.

Rack mounting the switch in a four-post rack requires the following tasks:

Inserting Rack Nuts Using the Template

Note: Required only for non-threaded racks that use rack nuts. Installation is referenced with the bottom screw located at 1RU location. For a different starting point for the bottom screw, always start at an RU location, and ensure there is enough room for your device in the rack.


  1. Attach the template supplied with your switch to the front left post such that the top and bottom locations for the rack nuts line up with RU locations required by your device.
  2. Insert rack-mount nuts required by the switch (Table 1) at the locations identified by the Figure 1 using the template.
    Note: The number of rack nuts required for the front left and the front right rack posts are different. The rear posts require the same number (4 each).


    Figure 1. Rack Nut Locations

    1 Mounting location A Front (Left and Right) 4 Mounting location D Front (Left and Right)
    2 Mounting location B Front (Left and Right) 5 Mounting location Rear (Left and Right)
    3 Mounting location C Front (Left and Right)    


    Table 1. Rack Mount Locations and Screws Required by Switch 1
    Mounting Location DCS-7804 DCS 7808 DCS-7812 DCS-7816
    Front (L) Front (R) Front (L) Front (R) Front (L) Front (R) Front (L) Front (R)
    A 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
    B N/A N/A N/A N/A 3 3 4 4
    C N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 3
    D 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 2

    1. Rear post locations are indicated by the template and are used for securing the cradle.

  3. Move the template to the right front post and repeat Step 2, taking care that the top and bottom rack nut locations are aligned with the left front post.
  4. Move the template to the rear posts one at a time, and insert rack nuts at the locations indicated by the template.
  5. Proceed to Inserting and securing the cradle assembly into the rack (Inserting and Securing the Cradle Assembly) once rack nuts have been inserted in all the posts.

Inserting and Securing the Cradle Assembly

To insert and secure the cradle assembly to the rack use the following steps.
Note: The rack mounting cradle is shipped nested upside down over the top of the chassis for all switches. There is a protective film on the top and sides to keep the cradle from scratching the chassis during transport.


  1. Insert two screws loosely in the two front rack posts at the same level and two in the back two rack posts 3 RU above the front screws (Figure 2). Use the template for racks requiring rack nuts (Figure 3). The front locations are marked with single dots and the rear locations with two dots.
    Figure 2. Attaching Mounting Screws to the Rack Posts

    Figure 3. Mounting (Starting Screws) Locations for Cradle (Front and Rear)

    1 Bottom of switch 4 Rear Screw (Left)
    2 Front screw (Right) 5 Rear Screw (Right)
    3 Front Screw (Left)    
  2. Buckle the straps on the cradle together, prior to installation, so the left and right sides are angled slightly inwards (Figure 4).
    Figure 4. Buckling the Straps

  3. Pull out the rear sliding rails slightly beyond the back rack posts.
  4. Insert the cradle so that the notches in the cradle engage behind the loosely mounted front screws (Figure 5).
  5. Slide the rear sliding rails back in so that they are flush with the back rack posts, the notches in the cradle engage behind the loosely mounted screws, and the bottom of the cradle is horizontal and level (Figure 5).
    Figure 5. Inserting the Cradle

  6. Release the clasp on the connector to rotate the left and right sides so they are vertical. (Figure 6).
    Figure 6. Aligning the Cradle in the Rack

  7. Secure the cradle to the rack posts using the eight remaining screws, two more in the front and 6 more in the back for a total of twelve screws. (Figure 7).
    Figure 7. Securing the Cradle in the Rack

Inserting the Switch into the Rack

The switch is mounted onto a four-post rack by assembling a rack-mount cradle into the rack (Inserting Rack Nuts Using the Template), then placing the switch on the cradle and securing it to the rack.
  1. Move the chassis to the rack using a mechanical lift (Figure 8).
    Note: If modules are inserted in the chassis, use the lift carefully to avoid damaging any components.


  2. Lift the chassis and insert it into the rack. For the DCS-7816 chassis, remove the lifting brackets required to lift the chassis from the pallet onto a transport lift, from the top of the chassis before insertion.
    Note: A platform lift is recommended for transportation and installation.


    Note: Rack space permitting, it is recommended to leave the lifting brackets attached to the switch after securing it in the rack.


    Figure 8. Lifting the Chassis

  3. Secure the chassis by tightening additional M6 screws on the front flanges into the rack posts (Figure 9).
    Note: Additional screws depend on the device. The 7804 and 7808 chassis require nine.


    Figure 9. Secure the Switch to the Rack Shelf

  4. After completing the Four-Post Installation, proceed to Cabling the Power Supplies.