Redeploy CVP VM Tool


This tool allows redeployment of the CVP VM in the event:
  • Something goes wrong during deployment.
  • If you want to do a destructive upgrade. Use to delete the virtual CVP disks.
Note: You should backup the CVP data using CVP tool before using this method.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the disks and tool package (cvp-<version>-kvm.tgz) in the CloudVision Portal folder for your version.
    (You can download the package from
  2. SSH into the CV appliance Host OS.
  3. Backup CVP data using the CVP tool as documented in the CloudVision Configuration Guide under Upgrading CVP in the subsection titled Backup and Restore (recommended). (
  4. Copy wget cvp-<version>-kvm.tgz package into the CVA host OS under a new directory.
  5. tar -zxvf cvp-*-kvm.tgz disk1.qcow2
  6. Run it as follows: /cva/scripts/ --disk1 disk1.qcow2 [--mem <mem gb>] [--cpu <vcpu count>] [--data-size </data disk size>] [--cdrom <cvp config iso>]
    usage: [-h] [-c CDROM] --disk1 DISK1 [--mem MEM] [--cpu CPU] [--data-size DATA_SIZE]
    This script helps redeploy a CVP VM. After the VM is deployed, follow Setup Steps for Single Node CVP, or Setup Steps for Multi-node CVP Cluster by logging into the CVP VM console shell as cvpadmin.
    Note: Use caution before using as this will stop and restart your VM and delete all your VM disks, i.e. data. BACKUP your VM data prior to running this, as suggested in step 3.