This guide is intended for properly trained service personnel and technicians who need to install the following Arista appliances:

This guide is covering the CCA-ETM-Q4 appliance.



Only qualified personnel should install, service, or replace this equipment.

Seul le personnel qualifié doit installer, service, ou remplacer cet équipement.


Receiving and Inspecting the Equipment

Upon receiving the appliance, inspect the shipping boxes and record any external damage. Retain packing materials if you suspect that part of the shipment is damaged; the carrier may need to inspect them.

If the boxes were not damaged in transit, unpack them carefully. Ensure that you do not discard any accessories that may be packaged in the same box as the main unit.

Inspect the packing list and confirm that you received all listed items. Compare the packing list with your purchase order. Parts List provides a list of components included with the appliance.

Obtaining Technical Assistance

Any customer, partner, reseller or distributor holding a valid Arista Service Contract can obtain technical support in any of the following ways:


This section lists the specifications of the CCA-ETM-Q4.

Table 1. Appliance Specifications (Dimensions and Weights)
Appliance Size (W x D x H) Weight
CCA-ETM-Q4 180mm (W) x 158mm (D) x 33mm (H) 1 kg



Table 2. Appliance Specifications (Operational and Storage)
Appliance Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Altitude Relative Humidity
CCA-ETM-Q4 0°- 40° C (32°-104° F) -10° - 70° C (14° - 158°F) 10% - 90% RH 5% - 95% RH @ 55° C



Table 3. Appliance Specifications (Power Input)
Power Source Ratings
12V/36W power adapter 100 to 240V,1.2A,50-60Hz