Low Latency Solutions for Financial Services

From the exchange edge to the back office, Arista offers a range of products optimized for demanding finance and trading environments. The 7130 Connect features an L1 crosspoint chip for ultra-low latency data distribution. The 7130L and 7130LB Series devices add a high performance FPGA for low latency multiplexing, L2 switching, precision timestamping & tap aggregation, connection sharing, low-latency filtering or to easily develop and deploy your own custom network applications.


Featured Video: Arista 7130 Series Overview


Market Data Distribution

Layer 1 devices offer the lowest latency for distributing market data and other time-sensitive signals. Replicate across 96 ports in 5 ns with full signal recovery and regeneration using the 7130 Connect Series

Order Entry

The MetaMux network application running on the 7130L or LB Series sends orders from multiple servers to an exchange in as little as 39 ns, eliminating the overhead of a traditional L2/L3 switch with latency in the 100’s of microseconds. In combination with an integrated Layer 1 replication for market data, this yields a round trip time of only 44 ns. MultiAccess extends MetaMux with multi-tenant isolation, ACLs and NAT.

Low Latency Switching

SwitchApp running on the 7130LB devices offers a Layer 2+ switch implemented in an FPGA in as low as 92 ns latency port-to-port. 

Low Latency Firewall

MetaProtect provides a stateless firewalling mechanism to satisfy InfoSec or regulatory compliance mandates without introducing unacceptable latency.  Available on the 7130L devices MetaProtect offers a complete uni-directional or bi-directional filtering function with the capability to capture packet headers of denied or non-conforming packets.

Precision Timestamping, Tap Aggregation & Network Monitoring

The MetaWatch application provides high precision timestamping, deep buffering and tap aggregation features. It has been independently validated by the Securities Technology Analysis Center to provide lossless capture with picosecond-level precision. Multiple 7130L & LB Series devices can be synchronized to enable a distributed timestamping domain with sub-nanosecond accuracy.

Back Office & Campus Connectivity

For high-throughput back office requirements, Arista’s 7060X  and 7050X3 Series offer 10G to 400G switching in compact and power-efficient 1RU and 2RU systems, supporting both larger two-tier leaf/spine and more latency compelling single tier ‘breakout’ architectures.

Partner Applications

Several partners provide applications for the 7130 Series of FPGA-enabled devices. These applications provide specialist capabilities, like Enyx’s nxLink which offers a low latency, shared interface to long range wireless links using technology like microwave and millimetre wave. 

FPGA Programmability for Low Latency Finance

The Arista FPGA Developer Kit (FDK) provides the documentation, libraries and examples which enable developers to build new FPGA applications running on Arista’s 7130. Third party developer frameworks like Enyx’s nxFramework have direct support for the Arista 7130 series, providing the finance-specific functionality required to build full trading stacks which run inside the switch.