Arista Any Cloud Platform

As enterprises move from on-premises and user-provisioned cloud computing to multi-cloud deployment models, the burden is left with enterprise IT to accommodate an architectural approach across clouds. With the Any Cloud Platform, Arista is extending two proven software technologies, EOS® and CloudVision®, to empower enterprise IT with a consistent multi-cloud architectural and operational approach.

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Any Cloud Platform Product Overview

Arista’s Any Cloud platform delivers a simplified spine-leaf approach for multi-cloud connectivity that leverages common architecture and operations models across hybrid clouds with the enhanced automation and analytics capabilities of CloudVision to reduce the complexity and risk of the hybrid IT environment.

Arista’s hybrid cloud platform is designed to support any public cloud environment, with cloud platform-specific images available now for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Azure Stack on-premise Cloud, and common on-premises hypervisor platforms. Support in each environment is coupled with validation and registration of these solutions in the cloud marketplace infrastructure provided by each cloud provider, thus making deployment simple for the enterprise customer.

Arista vEOS Router

The vEOS Router provides cloud-grade routing in a software-only instance of Arista EOS. The vEOS Router is designed for deployment on bare metal servers, VMware ESXi, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform and others.

  • The same fully programmable single-image instance of Arista EOS software proven in the leading cloud providers and high-technology enterprises globally
  • Packaged for each cloud provider and hypervisor platform as cloud-native solution and available in each cloud provider’s marketplaces under BYOL or metered pay-as-you go licensing
  • Supports direct and IPSec VPN connectivity to on-premises datacenters, remote offices and distributed applications over the public Internet
  • Integrates with cloud provider APIs to enable seamless zero-touch deployment, automation, analytics and end-to-end visibility across any hybrid cloud deployment


CloudVision is a software platform for network-wide automation and telemetry and provides an unmatched level of consistency across enterprise datacenters, private clouds and public clouds. CloudVision enables customers to move to a cloud-like environment for their on-premise enterprise datacenter and the hybrid cloud.

  • Cloud TracerTM - connectivity monitoring service supported by Arista EOS, vEOS Routers and CloudVision Telemetry applications using a distributed probe-based monitoring service that collects real-time endpoint reachability data from within the cloud or across the entire IT environment
  • State Streaming - consolidates continuous awareness of the fine-grain state and telemetry of any cloud network, without polling delays or inefficiencies characteristic of legacy management approaches – including all device state data at any point in the infrastructure
  • Analytics Engine - provides a platform for correlating, trending and proactive alerting over data sets from EOS instances across the hybrid cloud environment, including integration with third-party and Arista applications and network services
  • Telemetry Apps - visualization of network-wide state based on events, devices, metrics and connectivity views, including both a real-time and historic timeline view for forensic troubleshooting
  • Zero Touch Provisioning - enabling touchless deployment and configuration of any EOS-based platform across public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Automated Change Management - automating upgrades and configuration changes, providing rollback and snapshot for existing configurations, and tracking changes by time in a correlated analytics database


Deployment of the Arista Any Cloud Platform in AWS is easily accomplished from within the AWS Marketplace. The Arista vEOS Router runs as an EC2 instance in each Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), supporting high-performance interconnection of VPCs through a spine-leaf topology that leverages transit VPCs as aggregators and secure gateways to connect VPCs to the enterprise. The solution provides seamless integration with AWS native APIs. This includes Amazon CloudWatch to monitor logs and events, as well as generate alarms, Amazon Cloud high availability services such as Lambda, and automation enabled with Amazon CloudFormation.

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Microsoft Azure

Deployment of the Arista Any Cloud Platform in Microsoft Azure is easily accomplished from within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With vEOS Router, customers can extend their on-premises architecture into the Azure Cloud, interconnecting multiple locations, regions and clouds. The Arista vEOS Router runs as an Azure Virtual Machine instance in Azure, supporting high-performance interconnection of Azure Virtual Networks (VNets) through a spine-leaf topology. vEOS Router also supports micro-segmentation of inter-subnet traffic inside of a VNet for better security. The Arista Hybrid Cloud solution provides seamless integration with Microsoft Azure native APIs, including support for high-availability and automated deployment using Azure solution templates.

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Google Cloud

Any Cloud hybrid cloud networking platform, which reduces operational costs and complexity for enterprises migrating workloads to the public cloud from their on-premises data centers, is now available on Google Cloud Platform. The new virtualized offering, Arista vEOS® Router combined with CloudVision® with Cloud Tracer™ functionality, provides consistent operations, orchestration, security, and telemetry across multi-cloud environments.

With Arista’s hybrid cloud solution in Google Cloud enterprise customers can now deploy a reliable, connected and secure multi-cloud experience with a common Universal Cloud Network approach across all of the places in the cloud. This enables IT organizations to harness dispersed cloud resources anywhere for better availability of services and applications across any cloud, any workload, and any location.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Deployment of the Arista Any Cloud Platform in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is easily accomplished from within the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Arista vEOS Router runs as a cloud application instance in Oracle Cloud, supporting high-performance interconnection of customer resources through a spine-leaf topology. The solution provides seamless interconnection built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APIs with full support for high-availability and automated deployment.

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