Due to the changes in power supply compliance requirements within IEC 62368-1 Arista Networks announces the upcoming availability of the 7130LS Series with 500W and 750W power supplies. The 7130LS Series (version-2) systems meet the new compliance regulations and are being introduced in November 2020, with support for the firewall application.

At the same time this notice announces end of sale of the 7130 Series Protect Firewall 48 and the 460W AC and DC power supplies within the European Union (EU) and other select regions that require existing products to comply to EN62368-1 (EU).

In all other regions where National Electrotechnical Committees enforce IEC 62368-1 compliance for existing products, the 7130 Series Protect Firewall will be subject to end of sales. In North America and other regions covered by the UL and CSA standards that permit the continued sales of existing products previously certified as compliant to IEC 60950, the 7130 Series Protect Firewall and the updated 7130LS Series models are both available.

The product part numbers covered by this announcement are listed below in Table 1. The last day to order the affected products is Dec 20th 2020. Customers with active support contracts will continue to receive support from Arista TAC (Technical Assistance Center) as long as the 7130 Series Protect Firewall systems remain covered under a support contract and are supported by MOS.

The ongoing product lifecycle of the 7130 Series is not affected and will continue to be supported until further end of sales notices. Ongoing support for the firewall application that run on the 7130 Series Protect Firewall is also not affected by this End of Sales notice.

Migration Options

Customers affected by the End of Sales announcement are encouraged to migrate to the “v2” 7130L Series models that leverage power supplies that are compliant to IEC 62368-1, for the Protect Firewall application and other applications. As the new power supplies are a different physical form factor, which requires a newer system level design, these are not backward compatible or interchangeable.

Affected Product Description Replacement Products Description
DCS-7130-P48C# Arista 7130 Series Protect Firewall 48. Requires PSU/Fan kit sold separately  DCS-7130-48LS# Arista 7130 Series 48L with UltraScale VU7P-2 FPGA. Requires PSU/Fan kit sold separately. v2 
KIT-7130-AC-FAN-R Arista 7130 Series 1RU AC PS and Fan Kit Rear to Front (Spare)  Power Supplies and fans are available as configurable options and spares for the 7130LS Series v2. 
KIT-7130-AC-FAN-F Arista 7130 Series 1RU AC PS and Fan Kit Front to Rear (Spare) 
KIT-7130-DC-FAN-R Arista 7130 Series 1RU DC PS and Fan Kit Rear to Front (Spare)

Table 1: Affected Product and Part Numbers

Alternative products with enhanced functionality and increased scale are also available. Customers are requested to contact Arista sales for additional information on these alternatives.


Milestone Date
End-of-Sale Announcement June 20, 2020
Last day to order the products (End-of-Sale) December 20, 2020

Table 2: End-of-Life Milestones


For more information about the Arista End-of-Life policy, please visit: https://www.arista.com/en/support/product-documentation/end-of-life-policy

If you need assistance with migration options, please contact your Arista sales representative or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.