Date: 13th June, 2022

Last Updated: 16th June, 2022

Software Version: CloudVision W-Fi 9.x


Note: This description applies only to on-premises deployments because cloud deployments are automatically upgraded as releases become generally available.

The Arista CloudVision Wi-Fi release lifecycle policy provides support for releases that are either two feature releases or 18 months older than the current release, whichever is the smaller time interval.

With the 12.0 release of CloudVision Cognitive Unified Edge (formerly known as CloudVision Wi-Fi), all releases in the CloudVision Wi-Fi 9.x release train will be considered End of Support with no further official software support on this version from Arista. This notice is intended to serve as a reminder of this upcoming event. Customers running CloudVision Wi-Fi 9.x or older releases need to upgrade to a 10.x release or higher.

Customers can work with their Arista sales team to discuss possible upgrade options. The on-premises upgrades are available under the "Wi-Fi" tab on the Software Download page.