Date: October 23rd, 2023

Revision Date Changes
1.0 Sep 15, 2022 Initial release
1.1 Jan 6, 2023 Updated affected products to include DCS-7300X and DCS-7010T Series
1.2 Oct 23, 2023 Updated end of software support dates by platform series

Products Affected: 

DCS-7050X and DCS-7050X2 Series

  • DCS-7050SX-64, DCS-7050SX-72Q, DCS-7050SX2-72Q, DCS-7050SX2-128, DCS-7050QX-32S, DCS-7050QX2-32S
  • DCS-7050TX-48, DCS-7050TX-64, DCS-7050TX-72Q and DCS-7050TX2-128

DCS-7300X Series

  • DCS-7304X-FM, DCS-7308X-FM, DCS-7300X-32Q-LC, DCS-7300X-64S-LC, DCS-7300X-64T-LC

DCS-7010T Series

  • DCS-7010T-48, DCS-7010T-48-DC


This is to notify Arista Networks customers that Arista EOS version 4.29 and later will not support products listed above from the 7050X, 7050X2, 7300X and 7010T Series.

EOS releases up to and including EOS 4.28 releases will continue to be supported for the above listed products. Software bug fixes support with EOS 4.28 release train will be extended for the above listed platforms as below.

  • DCS-7050X and DCS-7050X2 Series : 03/20/2025
  • DCS-7300X Series : 04/01/2026
  • DCS-7010T Series : 06/30/2026

EOS 4.28 will only provide critical security vulnerabilities and TAC support beyond the above listed dates and till the end of life of respective products.

Please refer to below links for the end of sale notices and migration paths for the above products.

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By telephone: 408-547-5502 866-476-0000

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