Date: October 21st, 2016

Version: 1.0

Revision Date Changes
1.0 October 21st, 2016 Initial release

Arista Products vulnerability report for CVE-2016-5195

On October 21st 2016, information was released about a security advisory for a race condition vulnerability in Linux kernel memory subsystem copy on write mechanism.

Arista Network's software products EOS and Cloud Vision Portal (CVP) are not exploitable by CVE-2016-5195 (Kernel Local Privilege Escalation).


The Linux kernel since version 2.6.22 contains a race condition in the way the copy on write mechanism is handled by the memory subsystem, which may be leveraged locally to gain root privileges. A local, unprivileged attacker can escalate privileges to root.

This security issue relies on the user being able to run a malicious application when logged onto the system. On a standard hardened system that disallows shell access, users are not able to run arbitrary applications, making this a non-issue within Arista products.


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