v1.1 Updated January, 2021

This Policy Covers:

  • MOS (Metamako Operating System)
  • Supported 7130 Applications:
    • SwitchApp
    • MetaWatch
    • MetaMux
    • MultiAccess
    • MetaProtect
    • ExchangeApp
    • JTAG App


Arista Networks' MOS and 7130 Apps Software Release Policy and Life Cycle guidelines help customers and partners facilitate MOS migration and plan multi-year infrastructure deployment. Arista will support designated LTS (Long term support) MOS and 7130 application software releases for up to 24 months from the date of the first posting of the initial minor release. (See below for definition of minor release)

To assist customers in selecting the right software releases for their environments, Arista follows a strict policy as to when new features are introduced into versions of MOS and applications. The versioning scheme identifies if a particular release is integrating new feature functionality, or a maintenance release on the previously released version.

The version numbers are defined by X.Y.Z[{alpha|beta}A]. X is the major release number, Y is the minor release number, Z is the patch release number. The alpha/beta tag identifies development releases which should not be deployed to production environments.

New minor releases -- i.e. where Z is 0 -- contain new functionality. New patch releases -- i.e. where Z is non-zero -- are maintenance releases.


  • mos-0.26.0 -- A new minor release. Contains new functionality compared with previous versions.
  • mos-0.26.1 -- A new patch release. Only contains conservative bug fixes, compared with 0.26.0.
  • mos-0.27.0beta1 -- A new development release. Do not use this in production environments.

Bug fixes are introduced using patch releases -- i.e. an upgrade to the latest patch release for the minor release number will be required to receive new bugfixes for that train.

Development releases (alpha/beta) carry no support commitment, though feedback is always welcomed.

Arista applications use the same versioning scheme as MOS. For example:

  • metamux-3.5.6

Certain minor releases may be designated as "LTS" (Long Term Support). These will be supported with patch releases for 24 months following initial release of the .0 image. The LTS status of releases will be indicated in the release's description on the 7130 software downloads site. Releases other than LTS releases have no specific support timeline.

TAC support will be available on all versions of MOS and apps for 30 months following release.

If you need assistance with MOS or 7130 application software migration options, please contact your Arista sales representative or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.