As technology evolves, there comes a time when it is better for our customers to transition to newer platforms. Arista's End-of-Sale and End-of-Life policy is designed to help customers identify such life-cycle transitions and plan their infrastructure deployments with a 3 to 5 year outlook.

All End-of-Sale and End-of-Life announcements will be made on Arista's website. The timeline for related milestones in the life cycle of our products is as follows:

  • An End-of-Sale announcement will be posted on our website 6 months prior to the last day to order the product
  • All customers who have a valid service contract will receive 24x7 support from Arista TAC for up to 3 years from the end-of-sale date of the product. This last day to get support will be referred to as the end-of-life date for the product.
  • Software bug fixes will be available for up to 2 years from the end-of-sale date. Fixes for critical security vulnerabilities will be available through end of life. Customers may be required to upgrade to a newer software release to get the bug fixes
  • Hardware repair or replacement will be available for up to 3 years from the end-of-sale date
  • Customers can renew service contracts up to 1 year prior to the end-of-life date.

End-of-Sale & End-of-Life Milestones at a Glance

Milestone6 Months PriorEnd of Sale1 Year2 Year3 Year
End-of-Sale announcement X        
Last day to Order the product (End-of-Sale)   X      
Add or attach new service contracts     X    
Renew existing service contracts       X  
Last day to receive software bug fixes       X  
Last day to receive 24x7 TAC support (with valid service contract)         X
Last day for hardware support (hardware replacement or repair, with valid service contract)         X
End of Life of the product         X