Arista modular platforms such as the 750, 7300, 7500 and 7800 families support mixed generations of line cards, fabric cards, supervisors and power supplies (referred to in this document as “modules”). A-Care is applied to the entire chassis, rather than specific modules within the chassis. This can lead to inadequate support coverage and deployed devices that contain components that are End of Support.

This document explains how to update A-Care coverage through the lifecycle of a modular platform that includes mixed generations of modules.

A-Care Entitlement Policy for Modular Products

The level of support for a modular platform is defined by the generation of the switch fabric or switch card and therefore A-Care coverage must be updated to reflect the correct switch fabric or switch card as part of the next renewal. Line cards, supervisor modules and power supplies are not considered when choosing the correct level of A-Care for a modular system.

For example, a 7500 series product with E series switch fabrics requires A-Care coverage for E series systems while the same 7500 series product with R3 series switch fabrics requires A-Care coverage for R3 systems. 

If, in month 30 of a 36 month A-Care term, a 7500E is updated with R3 series switch fabric cards and therefore becomes an R3 series system, the existing A-Care coverage will remain valid until the A-Care renewal date but future A-Care coverage must be changed to the R3 coverage level instead of E series A-Care plans.

Documenting Component Upgrades to Ensure RMA Support

Although A-Care coverage may continue, when changes are made to the installed base, up to date records must be provided to Arista TAC to ensure continuity of RMA coverage in the correct geographical locations for the newly upgraded systems.

End of Sale Components Are Not Supported

In a modular platform, it is possible that a system could contain both supported and End of Support components (for example a mixture of line cards from different generations). The purchased A-Care contract will provide coverage for all components except those that are End of Support.