By default, when an SVI is configured on a VXLAN VLAN, then broadcast, unknown unicast, and unknown multicast (BUM) traffic received from the tunnel are punted to CPU. However, sending unknown unicast and unknown multicast traffic to CPU is unnecessary and could have negative side effects. Specifically, these packets take the L2Broadcast CoPP queue to the CPU. 

Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE) is a general method for encapsulating packets of arbitrary IP protocols within a UDP tunnel. GUE provides an extensible header format with optional data. In this release, decap capability of GUE packets of variant 1 header format has been added. This variant allows direct encapsulation using the UDP header without the GUE header. The inner payload could be one of IPv4, IPv6, or MPLS.

Trident2 is a Switch on Chip (SoC) single chip with support for up to 1280Gbps of forwarding capacity (oversubscribed

MLAG provides Layer2 active/active redundancy. VXLAN is supported over an MLAG setup by having the two switches