MultiAccess is an FPGA-based feature available on certain Arista 7130 platforms. It performs low-latency Ethernet multiplexing with optional packet contention queuing, storm control, VLAN tunneling, and packet access control. The interface to interface latency is a function of the selected MultiAccess profile, front panel interfaces, MultiAccess interfaces, configuration settings, and platform being used.

By default when a configuration session is committed everything modified in the configuration session will be committed to the running configuration, even if the running-configuration has also changed since the configuration session was created. This means that if the running-config has been modified since the start of the configuration session then those modifications could be overridden when the configuration session is committed. 

CLI extension allows for custom CLIs commands/modes to be defined in EOS. It also integrates with EOS SDK to be able to control a daemon’s configuration and read a daemon’s status from the CLI command handlers. This feature is intended to have more customization compared to the “daemon cli” feature, which only allows for key/value pairs as cli commands, and doesn’t allow for custom CLI commands. It does this by using a statically defined YAML file that contains the daemon definition (EOS SDK or not), CLI mode, and CLI commands, very much akin to what is provided by the via configuration in the daemon cli mode.