The 7500E 6CFPX LC linecard with ACO CFP2 optics provides connectivity over DWDM systems and links. 7500E 6CFPX LC

Unequal Cost Multi Path (UCMP) for BGP is a mechanism for forwarding traffic from a device for an ECMP route in the ratio

Under config router bgp mode, the following is the format for configuring remote port for a peer or peer grou

CVX High Availability (HA) provides CVX Controller redundancy by having multiple CVX controllers running in a

This feature allows adding third party VTEPs to  a common L2 domain comprising of Arista and non Arista switches

Delay based ECN on DCS 7280SE and DCS 7500E adds support for measuring the queueing delay that an IPv4 unicast routed

LAGs are allocated hardware resources on transition from one member (software LAG) to two members (hardware LAG) and

Maintenance mode with sub interfaces is an extension to the maintenance mode feature released in EOS 4 15 2F. With this

Currently, the 'maximum routes' knob allows one to set an upper bound on the number of routes that can be received from a

Media Access Control Security (MACSec) is an industry standard encryption mechanism to protect all traffic flowing

This feature provides a configuration option to disable egress IPv4 RACL sharing allowing for uRPF to be configured.

When a frame gets bridged from an edge port to a VXLAN core port, it is necessary to encode the QOS fields in the outer

Vxlan routing in multichip systems uses the different modules to do different portions of the packet processing.