DCS 7512N is a modular chassis with support for the 7500R Series of line cards, up to 12 line cards. EOS version 4.17.2F

Support was added for the following platforms in 4.17.2F: 7050. 7060X. 7260X. 7050X. 7250X. 7300.

DCS 7280E series. DCS 7500E series. DCS 7280R series. DCS 7500R series. When usage of ingress interface

PFC (Priority Flow Control) Watchdog is used to detect a stuck queue because of a PFC storm and take action to ensure

The BGP Replace AS Path feature provides the capability to customize the AS PATH attribute for prefixes that are

This feature provides a built in monitoring capability for "Adverse Drop Counters" which can be used as a warning that