ASU, or Accelerated Software Upgrade, is a feature to minimize traffic loss when upgrading from one ASU supported EOS

SSU ASU 4.22.0F

ASU (or Accelerated Software Upgrade) is a feature that will minimize traffic loss when upgrading from one ASU

ASU allows a user to upgrade the switch to a newer software release with minimal downtime (no traffic loss). In some

4.21.0F ASU

4.24.0F adds Accelerated Software Upgrade (ASU) support to the 7170 series.  Accelerated Software Upgrade

Leaf Smart System Upgrade (SSU) provides the ability to upgrade the EOS image with minimal traffic disruption.Note: It is possible that SSU shutdown and bootup are not supported in the same image. If a product has shutdown support in image A and bootup support in a later image B, then SSU upgrade cannot be performed from image A to any images earlier than image B, including image A itself. However, upgrading from image A to image B onwards is allowed.