This feature introduces hardware forwarding support for IPv4 over IPv4 GRE tunnel interfaces on selected Arista

GRE Tunnel EOS 4.23.1F

This feature adds support for offloading BFD Transmit path to hardware (ASIC) for specific types of BFD sessions.

Hardware counter feature allows enabling counters for features using programmable hardware counter resources. This feature can be used to count the following feature specific counters.

EOS 4.23.1F EOS 4.28.1F

The document describes an extension of the decap group feature, that allows IPv6 addresses to be configured and used

Ipv6 EOS 4.23.1F IPv4 Decap Groups TH3

RSVP-TE applies the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) for Traffic Engineering (TE), i.e., to distribute MPLS labels for steering traffic and reserving bandwidth.

This feature adds support for static inter-VRF routes. This enables configuration of routes to destinations in one ingress VRF with an ability to specify a next-hop in a different egress VRF through a static configuration.