A variety of dynamic counter features, primarily configured by the [no] hardware counter feature [feature] CLI commands, may be enabled simultaneously. Compatibility of these features has been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in simultaneously enabled counter features. 

Arista's 7130 Connect Series of Layer 1+ switches are powerful network devices designed for ultra low latency and offer a wealth of integrated management features and functionalities.

This feature introduces the possibility of creating Tap Aggregation PMF profiles consisting of 80 bit keys, to make a more efficient use of TCAM resources. Previously, we could only have key sizes of 160 or 320 bits. 

Tap Aggregation 4.22.0F EOS 4.27.1F

This article describes the TAP Aggregation 802.1Q (VLAN) tag stripping feature. This feature allows up to two of the outermost incoming 802.1Q tags to be stripped, and can be configured on a traffic steering policy or a tool port.

DANZ Tapagg EOS 4.27.1F

Identity tagging is an existing Tap Aggregation feature that allows a 802.1Q header to be added to packets sent by tool ports with a configurable identity value.

EOS 4.20.5F EOS 4.27.1F

This document describes the truncation capability for Tap Aggregation, which allows tapped traffic to be truncated to a smaller size before being transmitted.