CLI extension allows for custom CLIs commands/modes to be defined in EOS. It also integrates with EOS SDK to be able to

This document describes the EOS SDK next hop group version number feature. The feature exposes a version number for each next hop group to clients interacting with EOS SDK. The version number is incremented when the next hop group is modified. The client can choose to receive the current version number when they modify a next hop group. Additionally, they can optionally receive it when the next hop group is programmed in hardware. 

EosSdkRpc is an agent built on top of the Arista EOS SDK. It uses gRPC as a mechanism to provide remote access to the EOS SDK. The gRPC interface that EosSdkRpc supports closely matches the interface provided by EOS SDK, and the intent is that the .proto interface can be publically supported.

This feature adds support for redistributing EOS SDK routes into IS-IS in the multi-agent routing protocol model. This feature existed in the single agent model by the configuration of redistribute static since EosSdk routes are treated as static routes in the single agent model.