EVPN MPLS VPWS (RFC 8214) provides the ability to forward customer traffic to / from a given attachment circuit (AC)

Flexible cross-connect service is an extension of EVPN MPLS Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS) (RFC 8214). It allows for multiplexing multiple attachment circuits across different Ethernet Segments and physical interfaces into a single EVPN VPWS service tunnel while still providing single-active and all-active multi-homing.

EOS supports the ability to match on a single VLAN tag (example: encapsulation dot1q vlan 10)  or a VLAN tag pair (example: encapsulation dot1q vlan 10 inner 20) to map matching packets to an interface. In this case, the encapsulation string is considered consumed by the mapped interface before forwarding, which means that the tags are effectively removed from the incoming packet for the purposes of any downstream forwarding.


The LDP pseudowire feature provides support for emulating Ethernet connections over a Multiprotocol Label

The alternate LDP pseudowire feature enables users to configure an alternate pseudowire to the existing (primary) pseudowire for a given patch. Preference is initially given to the primary pseudowire.

This feature allows configuring user defined tunnel RIBs for the resolution of LDP pseudowire endpoints. User

The feature will provide the ability to error disable local interfaces in a BGP VPWS pseudowire when the remote interface is shutdown or whenever we do not receive a response from BGP.

BGP EVPN Pseudowire EOS 4.28.2F