Time stamping is an important tool for network engineering and performance analysis. EOS 4.18.1F added header time

This feature introduces the possibility of creating Tap Aggregation PMF profiles consisting of 80 bit keys, to make a more efficient use of TCAM resources. Previously, we could only have key sizes of 160 or 320 bits. 

Tap Aggregation 4.22.0F EOS 4.27.1F

Traffic steering is an existing Tap Aggregation feature that supports redirection of traffic based on configurable

Tap Aggregation Traffic Steering 4.22.0F

Previously, Tap Aggregation and Mirror to GRE timestamping only supported timestamping packets in International

Tap Aggregation Timestamping 4.22.0F

Traffic steering to nexthop groups allows specifying one or more nexthop groups as the destination for a TAP aggregation steering policy. Traffic steering is a TAP aggregation process that uses class maps and policy maps to direct data streams received on TAP ports. 

This document describes the truncation capability for Tap Aggregation, which allows tapped traffic to be truncated to a smaller size before being transmitted.

This article describes the TAP Aggregation User Defined Fields feature. The purpose of the User Defined

Tap Aggregation TOI DANZ EOS 4.18.1F 4.20.1F