BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) session telemetry allows for the collection of per session statistics as

CVP BFD Telemetry 4.25.2F

CloudVision Portal release 2017.2.0 introduces support for the network wide Telemetry framework consisting of the

The  Inband Network Telemetry eXport Data (INT XD) feature is used to gather flow, queue, drop telemetry

Telemetry 4.26.0F INT-XD

For network monitoring and troubleshooting flow related issues, it is desirable to know the path, latency, queue and congestion information for flows at different times. The inband telemetry feature(INT), based on Inband Flow Analyzer RFC draft -IFA 2.0, is used to gather per flow telemetry information like path, per hop latency and congestion. INT is supported for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. 

InfluxDB telemetry streaming feature enables telemetry data collection with Telegraf on box, and allows streaming

The postcard telemetry(GreenT GRE Encapsulated Telemetry) feature is used to gather per flow telemetry

Telemetry 4.26.0F Postcard

Sampled flow tracking with IPFIX export is supported on most of the Arista platforms. User configured sampling rate

Network administrators require access to flow information that passes through various network elements, for the