What's New in this Release

This chapter describes features that are new in the 16.1 release of CloudVision Cognitive Unified Edge (CV-CUE).


Seamless Connectivity of 6 GHz Clients With Enhanced Open

Clients connecting to the 6 GHz band can now seamlessly connect to OWE-enabled SSIDs having Transition Mode.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

MAC Address Visibility in the Radio Grid

You can view the MAC Address of the operating radio in the radio grid. The existing radio grid is separated into two different grids: Access Radio Grid and Multifunctional Radio Grid. For the multifunctional radios, you can view the Virtual Client MAC Address of the radio used to connect to an AP.

Radio Resource Management

Freeze and Unfreeze Transmit Power Control and Auto-Channel Selection

You can freeze the channel and transmit power in the Auto mode to operate a specific radio at a specific channel number and transmit power. You can perform this action per radio.


Increase in Group PSK limit for SSID

A single SSID can support up to 64 Group PSKs, each for a group of Wi-Fi clients.