Configuring EVPN

Configuring BGP-EVPN and VCS on CVX

Configuring BGP-EVPN

Configuring VNI Bundle

A VNI-aware-bundle represents a MAC-VRF that contains Layer 2 route entries from all VXLAN Network Identifiers (VNI) available across multiple DCs. Use the vni-aware-bundle command available on CVX to create a MAC-VRF.

Note: This command is not available on switches.


cvx(config)#router bgp 100
cvx(config-router-bgp)#vni-aware-bundle bundle1 

Configuring RD and RT in VNI Bundle

Use the rd (Router-BGP VRF and VNI Configuration Modes) command to add a Route Distinguisher (RD) for uniquely identifying Layer 2 routes for the VNI bundle. Use the route-target command to configure a well-known extended community that is attached to the routes exported by BGP-EVPN; and to import routes with the specified well-known extended community into the MAC-VRF that corresponds to the VNI bundle.


cvx(config)#router bgp 100
cvx(config-router-bgp)#vni-aware-bundle bundle1
cvx(config-macvrf-bundle1)# rd 530:12
cvx(config-macvrf-bundle1)# route-target both 530:12

Enabling Redistribution of Bridging Information

After the VNI aware bundle is created, use the redistribute service vxlan command to redistribute the Layer 2 bridging information received from VCS.


cvx(config)#router bgp 100
cvx(config-router-bgp)#vni-aware-bundle bundle1
cvx(config-macvrf-bundle1)#redistribute service vxlan

Disabling Next-Hop Resolution in BGP-EVPN

When BGP-EVPN module receives a route from its BGP peer, it generally tries to resolve the next-hop indicated in the route. However in the DCI topology, the routes coming from a CVX in another DC contains next-hops (VTEP addresses) that may not be reachable from the CVX receiving the route. Use the next-hop resolution disabled command to disable the next-hop resolution on routes received from BGP-EVPN peers.

Note: CVX is a part of the control plane and it is only connected to the VTEPs in its own DC. It does not have IP connectivity to the VTEPs in a different DC.


cvx(config)#router bgp 100
cvx(config-router-bgp)#address-family evpn
cvx(config-router-bgp-af)#next-hop resolution disabled

Configuring VCS

Enabling Redistribution of BGP-EVPN Routes

Use the redistribute bgp evpn vxlan command to redistribute BGP-EVPN routes to VCS, which, in turn advertises them to all VTEPs within the DC.


cvx(config-cvx)#no shutdown
cvx(config-cvx)#service vxlan
cvx(config-cvx-vxlan)#no shutdown
cvx(config-cvx-vxlan)#redistribute bgp evpn vxlan