Connection Management

The switch supports three connection methods:

  • console
  • SSH
  • Telnet

The switch always enables console and SSH. Telnet is disabled by default.

Management commands place the switch in a configuration mode for changing session connection parameters.


  • The management console command places the switch in console management mode:
    switch(config)#management console
  • The management ssh command places the switch in SSH management mode:
    switch(config)#management ssh
  • The management telnet command places the switch in Telnet management mode:
    switch(config)#management telnet
  • The exit command returns the switch to global configuration mode:

The idle-timeout commands shown below configure the idle-timeout period for the connection type being configured. The idle timeout is the interval that the connection waits after a users most recent command before shutting down the connection. Automatic connection timeout is disabled by setting the idle-timeout to zero, which is the default setting.


  • This idle-timeout (SSH Management) command configures an SSH idle-timeout period of three hours.
    switch(config)#management ssh
    switch(config-mgmt-ssh)#idle-timeout 180
  • This idle-timeout (Telnet Management) command disables automatic connection timeout for telnet connections.
    switch(config)#management telnet
    switch(config-mgmt-telnet)#idle-timeout 0

The shutdown (Telnet Management) command enables and disables Telnet on the switch.


  • These commands enable Telnet.
    switch(config)#management telnet
    switch(config-mgmt-telnet)#no shutdown
  • These commands disable Telnet.
    switch(config)#management telnet