Logging of Event Notifications

Arista switches log event notifications using the Syslog protocol. By default, event notifications are logged internally to /var/log/messages, but they can also be displayed on the console or logged to an external server. Severity levels and log message destinations can be configured via the CLI, and individual processes and protocols can also be configured to adjust or limit the messages that they log. Details of the current logging configuration may be viewed using the show logging command.

For a full list of Syslog messages, visit the Arista website.

Managing TCAM Capacity Warnings

Strata chipsets (Helix, Trident, Trident2, and Tomahawk) provide event logging for the hardware capacity of TCAM tables on a per-slice basis, triggering a capacity warning by default whenever any slice exceeds 90% capacity. As a result, default TCAM logging can generate high levels of syslog messages on Strata platforms. If this presents a problem, the hardware capacity alert table command can be used to adjust the capacity levels at which warnings occur to above the 90% default; this adjustment can be made per TCAM resource and per slice. The command can also be used to disable TCAM hardware capacity messages of level Warning and below entirely for a given slice by setting the threshold to 0 or using the no version of the command.

To determine the chipset of your device, enter show platform ? in the CLI.


  • This command reduces hardware capacity Syslog warnings by increasing the capacity threshold to 99% for EFP table monitoring in slice 2.
    switch(config)#hardware capacity alert table EFP feature Slice-2 threshold 99 
  • This command reduces messages by disabling hardware capacity Syslog warnings entirely for the IFP table in slice 5.
    switch(config)#hardware capacity alert table IFP feature Slice-5 threshold 0 
  • This command reduces messages by disabling hardware capacity Syslog warnings entirely for the VFP table in all slices.
    switch(config)#no hardware capacity alert table VFP