Tap Aggregation (CVP)

Arista EOS provides unprecedented visibility for rapidly identifying and troubleshooting application and performance problems with tracers such as VM Tracer and MapReduce Tracer. EOS integrates with Apache Hadoop systems to track big data workloads, aggregates and monitors business critical applications across thousands of devices, and provides deep visibility and integration with virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere.

Arista EOS also simplifies tap aggregation with the Arista Data Analyzer (DANZ) feature set. For organizations with compliance requirements to aggregate and capture traffic, Arista EOS enables traffic collection at high data volumes with minimal infrastructure investment and without impacting network performance.

The Arista EOS CloudVision platform further enhances network visibility through a network-wide database approach. By consolidating the network state to a central database, the network operator can visualize the environment.