Arista 7132LB Series

Arista 7132LB series devices leverage FPGA technology to enable the development and deployment of cutting-edge network applications. Available in a form factor of 48 x SFP28 ports and 4 x QSFP ports, the switch provides 48 ports of 10G or 36 ports of 25G L2/L3 switching profiles. Arista 7132LB series is the first of its kind FPGA based switch which can provide ultra-low latency of 133ns for L2 profile and 150ns for L3 profile at 25G speed.

The Arista 7132LB Series supports the L and LB development standard, is optimized for Arista’s network applications and can be leveraged to run 3rd party partner applications. FPGA application developers can utilize the platform to deploy and deliver their performance critical apps. The device supports both 10G and 25G speeds making it easier for customers to transition and provides an upgrade path for the applications by maintaining the same board standards. The 25G optimized programmable FPGA can be used to run applications such as:

  • Cut through L2/L3 switching at 10/25G
  • High Precision Timestamping
  • Filtering
  • Speed conversion
  • Low Latency Multiplexing
  • Any FPGA based custom application

7132LB Series


7132LB Series Devices

7132LB Series Devices
Model System Configuration Components FPGA Board Standard Front Panel Ports RU PPS IN/OUT CPU
48Y4C Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale+™ VU9P-3 FPGA LB 48 x SFP28 and
4 x QSFP28
1RU 2/2 Eight-Core x86

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