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Automated Fabric Delivers Network-as-a-Service with VPCs On-Prem

Converged Cloud Fabric (CCF)™ is an automated fabric built with cloud networking design principles. CCF leverages VPC/VNet constructs on-prem to deliver a cloud Network-as-a-Service operational model. CCF automates networking for multiple private cloud platforms, enabling the network to operate at the speed of VMs and Containers. With built-in analytics and telemetry, CCF provides real-time contextual visibility across the fabric and one-click troubleshooting workflows. With CCF, NetOps, DevOps and CloudOps teams can effectively collaborate, and rapidly on-board applications and tenants.

CCF Overview


Converged Cloud Fabric Videos

CCF automation for VMware vSphere


CCF enables mainstream and midsize organizations to leverage network as a strategic pillar of the digital transformation strategy. With CCF's self-service networking and contextual intelligence, NetOps team can focus on innovations such as new services and analytics, instead of time-consuming manual tasks. Collaborations across NetOps and CloudOps/DevOps teams is enhanced, as the network operates at the speed of VMs and containers. Enterprise-VPC (E-VPC) based self-service networking model with delegated administration provides CloudOps/DevOps teams cloud-style experience on prem for VMware (vSphere/NSX/vSAN), VXRail and Nutanix HCI workloads.

CCF Overview

CCF Architecture - Modular, Scale-Out, Pod-Based SDN Fabric

Inspired by public cloud design principles, CCF is a modern data center switching fabric built from the ground up for software-defined data centers (SDDC), private clouds, hyperconverged environments and cloud-native applications. CCF is the industry’s first data center fabric leveraging SDN controller software and open networking hardware.

Converged Cloud Fabric — Under the Hood

CCF Architecture

The CCF Controller operates as “one logical switch”, which removes complexity and automates Day0/Day1/Day2 operations, delivers network-as-a-service through cloud-style E-VPC, and provides contextual analytics for deep visibility.

Converged Cloud Fabric — Resilient Logical Switch

CCF Architecture

CCF Experience - Modern, Automated, Liberating

Enterprise VPC


Network-as-a-Service with VPCs on-prem

  • Enterprise VPCs (E-VPC) make networking as simple as VPC/VNets on public clouds
  • Enables Network-as-a-Service, eliminates box-by- box network complexity
  • VPC on-prem logical networking alleviates provisioning dependency on hardware constructs (ports, VLANs, VRFs)
  • Built-in multi-tenancy and delegated administration, ideal for DevOps/Cloud teams for programmatic automation

Converged Cloud Fabric Videos

CCF automation for VMware vSphere


E-VPC Network Automation


Agility, drive networks at the speed of VMs/Containers

  • Auto-discovery of hosts/VMs/containers provides richer endpoint visibility beyond IP/MAC address
  • Auto-provisioning of host-to-network MLAG eliminates tedious multi-team dependencies and delays
  • Auto L2/L3 fabric configuration enables instantaneous application connectivity, adapts to application elasticity
  • Only fabric delivering concurrent multi-EVPC automation for VMware (vSphere, NSX, vSAN), Nutanix, Dell EMC VxRail, Red Hat (OpenStack, OpenShift) and Kubernetes

Contextual Analytics


Network insights — real-time visibility and rapid troubleshooting

  • Built-in analytics enable detailed fabric visibility through insightful dashboards that provide actionable intelligence
  • Contextual VM, container and host level visibility through integration with on-prem cloud platforms (VMware, Nutanix, Red Hat and Container)
  • Single-click fabric trace enables rapid root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • Telemetry enabled through event-driven analytics and real-time network state

CCF Operations - Intent-Based, Zero-Touch, Secure

Intent Based Networking


Declarative policy management and verification

  • IT business intent delivered as automated policy workflows across the fabric — Design, Deploy, Operate, Verify
  • Enforce operational intent with zero-touch fabric formation and scale-out, one-click fabric-wide SW upgrades and one-click troubleshooting
  • Deliver application connectivity intent via auto- MLAG to host and automated L2/L3 networking through private cloud integration
  • Real-time intent verification and predictive analytics for health assessment, resource utilization and capacity planning

Zero-Touch Fabric


Built-in workflows for Day0/Day1/Day2 operations

  • Rapid Day0 deployment through auto- discovery and auto-provisioning of switches and auto-formation of leaf/spine fabric
  • Faster Day1 change management for ongoing switch and cable replacements, and fabric-wide software upgrades
  • Speed-up Day2 fabric-wide auto-configuration for hosts and application VMs/containers
  • Comprehensive fabric life-cycle management from one dashboard — never touch a switch

Multi-Layer Security


Centralized policy, multi-tenancy and delegated administration

  • Simplifies fabric-wide security policy/ACL creation and management via SDN controller
  • E-VPCs ensure tenant isolation, with additional controls for traffic across E-VPCs
  • Few-click firewall service insertion, to rapidly secure application traffic
  • Delegate E-VPC tenant management to DevOps with role-based access controls

Multi-Cloud Director (MCD): Enterprise-wide Multi-CCF Management


MCD provides a unified dashboard for global provisioning, operations and visibility of multiple CCF deployments

  • Enables globally orchestrated workflows across multiple controllers, including provisioning, Day1/Day2 operations, upgrades and troubleshooting for faster service enablement, global security compliance and ensures consistent operations.
  • Provides global inventory, real-time visibility, resource utilization, version consistency and operational health to streamline capacity planning and to ensure operational consistency across all controller deployments.
  • Single sign-on and role-based access control enable multiple teams to manage different sets of controllers, meeting segregation of duties requirement as well as ensuring consistent enterprise-wide operational posture.
  • Provides a single point of API integration to simplify programmatic access across multiple controllers for rapid automation in a global, multi-cloud organization.

CCF Infrastructure - Controller-Based, Resilient, Open

SDN-based Fabric Controller


Software controls for uncomplicated networking

  • Remove operational complexity by managing the entire fabric as one logical switch
  • Single Layer-3 control protocol instance for the entire fabric eliminates box-by-box protocol complexity
  • Integration with private cloud platforms to deliver built-in network automation and visibility
  • Intuitive self-service dashboard, for policy, provisioning, operations and visibility

Unmatched Resiliency


Uptime and service assurance

  • Fully HA design guarantees service availability by circumventing any single point of failure
  • CCF’s SDN architecture ensures rapid network recovery by eliminating box-by-box protocol convergence delays
  • Hierarchical control plane, optimally partitioned across controller and switches delivers resiliency comparable to distributed controls
  • Controller-less (headless) mode ensures continuous fabric operations during the rare event of a controller cluster outage
  • Assures CCF robustness across every SW release with Netflix-inspired “Chaos Monkey” resiliency verification

Open, Multi-vendor Architecture


Modern Cloud-style Design

  • Software intelligence delivered on open networking
  • Enables flexibility and choice based on application needs
  • Single-source procurement and support for the entire solution
  • Turn-key (zero-touch) solution, no programming required

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